Info & Guidelines

The Sci Fi Mini Expo is a charity events for The American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life of Second Life. Registration fees, sponsorships, donation vendor items, and donations made at kiosks are paid to Relay for Life of Second Life.

Mini Expo Dates

The 2018 Mini Expo grounds will be open throughout the Fall and Winter, from approximately Halloween to New Years, with the main event days from December 10 to 23.

Mini Expo Location

General Guidelines


By registering to be an exhibitor, you agree to abide by all Linden Lab terms of service, as well as all Sci Fi Expo rules and guidelines. Please keep all content appropriate for a General Audience.

Exhibitors’ participation is at the discretion of the Sci Fi Expo staff. Any portion of an exhibit, up to and including an entire exhibit, that is deemed to be in violation of LL or Sci Fi Expo rules may be returned. No refunds.

RFL Donation Policy

The Expo staff will place RFL donation kiosks around the sims, but exhibitors can also place them inside their own booths if they like.


Merchant exhibitors may donate items for sale in RFL vendors, though RFL vendors are NOT required at the Mini Expo. They are fully optional. You may place your own vendors of any type to sell your goods. Keep RFL in mind though. SciFi Expo is a charity event to raise money for RFL.

Rules of Conduct

Exhibitors are responsible for the conduct of their representatives and staff at the event. Abusive, vulgar, disruptive, hateful, or otherwise inappropriate behavior on Expo grounds can result in ejection from the event with no refunds of registration fees.

If you experience any sort of misconduct that you are unable to handle yourself, please quietly and without making a fuss in general chat contact the nearest Expo staff member and they will assist you.

No “camping” please. Camping avatars or avatars that have been standing AFK for hours will be removed periodically. Nothing personal.

Build Rules


The standard Mini Expo booth is an approximately 10×10 pre-built booth. Exhibitors build their displays inside the shop buildings, as opposed to creating full-size buildings in parcels like at the main annual Expo. Shop owners can do much more than just hang vendors and posters on walls however! What you build in your shop is totally at your discretion. You can build any style you want. You can put a fancy sign or your logo on the roof or out front. You can place small objects out front of your booth if appropriate to help make the scene feel more lively and authentic.

… OR …

Exhibitors also have the option of building their own small structure in place of the pre-builts. Custom builds must fit in the footprint of the original booth, be less than about 10m tall, not block anything, not exceed the prim limit, and be approved by the Expo admins. Just let the admins know and tey will delete the pre-built booth in your spot so you can build your own.


Stalls are the small spaces approximately 6x6m, all lined up along the pier on the north side of the sim. Exhibitors can set up their vendors however they like, as long as their build does not block other nearby stalls.

Prim Limits

  • Booths – 100 prims max
  • Stalls – 25 prims max


Builders are asked to help reduce lag and improve the Expo experience for everyone. Minimize number of scripts. No highly scripted objects. No temp-rezzers. Keep all textures as low-res as possible, ideally no larger than 512×512. Keep sculptie usage to a minimum if possible. Mesh is okay.

Booth Content Rules


No tip jars or donation boxes other that the RFL donation kiosks are permitted.

Intellectual Property

All items that are sold or given away as freebies and hunt items must be original works or built from licensed builder kits (corridor kits, prefab pods, etc.), and must not violate the intellectual property rights of original creators.


DO NOT use copybotted objects in your exhibits. The Sci Fi Expo condemns stolen content and fully supports LL Policy on Intellectual Property. Copybotted content may be removed by the Expo staff at their discretion.

Copyrights & Fair Use

The first factor is regarding whether the “fair use” in question helps fulfill the intention of copyright law to stimulate creativity for the enrichment of the general public, or whether it aims to only “supersede the object” of the original for reasons of personal profit.


Please do not include any material that can be considered abusive, vulgar, hateful, or otherwise inappropriate. Do not include any material that defames other groups or individuals.

Adult Themes

Please do not include any material that is “Adult” in nature. No nudity or sex. If you have Adult versions of some products, you may include links to their inworld or Marketplace locations, but do not display them in your booth. EXCEPTION: Skins may be displayed.


If you want to join the Sci-Fi Expo, please visit the SIGN UP page.


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