Your Voices Have Been Heard!

The votes are in! We got lots of responses to the post-Expo questionnaire.

It turns out you guys liked the sim layouts and themes, especially the Land of the Giants “tree stump” stage. You liked the DJ’s, shows, movies, and quizzes. The smaller size and denser layout of the Expo was appreciated, as were the number of new and more diverse booths we had this year.

At the top of the list of things you did not enjoy was, of course, the lag. Pretty sure we all guessed that. 🙂 The Milky Way Cabaret was sorely missed. It was suggested we do more 24/7 events, roleplays, and “story”content like Fantasy Faire does. And of course, it was mentioned that the blog was totally under-utilized and ill-maintained, with which I completely agree.

So thank you all. We’ll definitely keep all these things in mind if we decide to do another Expo. 🙂


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