Remembering Why We Do This

It’s a pretty safe bet that most of us either have had personal experience with cancer, or are close to someone that has. The American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life of Second Life does invaluable work in raising money for support programs and services for cancer survivors and caregivers, to help in prevention and early detection, and to fund vital cancer research as we move forward toward finding a cure.

The SciFi Expo is proud to feature a very important monument again this year, the Dedication Temple.


You can visit it here: SciFi Expo Dedication Temple

You can click on one of the unlit dedication flames and offer a donation. You’ll be able then to enter some text expressing your thoughts and wishes for someone you know who is/was dealing with cancer. If you want to change what you wrote, just click the flame again.


Remember, all the money we make here at the SciFi Expo goes to Relay for Life and all the good work they do, so please be generous.


Calling All Giant Robots

Tuesday at the SciFi Expo had us all dancing to Rubin Mayo’s “Anime In Jazz” concert, featuring jazz and other genres of music from popular anime series including Cowboy Bebop, Lupin the 3rd, Gundam, and Macross, also known as Robotech.


Humans and robots alike danced the afternoon away.

Join us Friday for our next concert, The Interplanetary Liberation Front!


Calling All Fat-Bottomed Girls

The crowds were jumping as the Lightning Strikes tribute band exploded the stage with QUEEN’s greatest hits! Lasers and pyrotechnics kept time with the music.


“Mammaaaaa… life had just begun. But now I’ve gone and thrown it all away….”


We rocked on like CHAMPIONS for almost an hour and a half! But the show wasn’t over yet!

As soon as Lightning Strikes took their final bow, DJ Puddles & the Space Unicorn took over the stage and kept the party going with Puddles’ unique brand of psy-trance dance music! The jams kept going until well into Saturday evening.

If you missed Saturday’s shows… WHY?!? Don’t worry though, there are more fantastic shows to come this week.  🙂


Expo Phase II Opening Day!

SciFi Expo Phase II begins a week of exciting shows and events! As always, we were honored to have the Companions Guild perform their famous Tea Ceremony for us to kick things off!

Opening Speech

Welcome to the 2018 Sci Fi Mini Expo, everyone!

We’re delighted to be here with you today in celebration of science fiction and fantasy and the wonderful creativity in Second Life!

Our main aim for the Expo is to support The American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life of Second Life and help raise money for support programs and services for cancer survivors and caregivers, to help in prevention and early detection, and to fund vital cancer research as we move forward toward finding a cure.

So please help by generously donating at kiosks all around the Expo grounds, and join in the events we have planned.

So without further ado, we hereby declare the Sci-Fi Mini-Expo officially open, and hand over the reins to the wonderful people of the Companion’s Guild!!

Tea Ceremony

A decent crowd gathers in eager anticipation:


The ancient history of the tea ceremony tradition is explained:


Tea is brewed and poured, then passed out to everyone in attendance, along with cake! Yum!


And finally, the audience is treated to a fine fan dance!


It was the perfect start to what promises to be an exciting week!


2 Booths Open!

It’s almost time for SciFi Expo Phase II to start! You can still join us! Visit us inworld and claim your booth. A small donation of 2500L$ will get you a 100 LI booth all the way until after New Year.

We’ve had a month and a half of Autumn and Winter marketplace, and now Expo Phase II will bring us a week of shows and entertainments in addition! If you want to showcase your store or RP group, now is the time!

There are no forms to fill in and nothing to click to apply. To join the SciFi Expo, visit us inworld and IM one of the admins (richmerk, Starwolff, Kirk Wingtips). They will take care of you right away, or get back to you ASAP if they are offline.

SciFi Expo Landing Point


Winter Is In the Air

The scarecrows, haystacks, and pumpkins of Autumn have been packed away in the storage shed until next year, and the candy canes, snowmen, and Christmas trees are appearing all around the Expo.


It’s an ongoing labor of love that will probably last until New Years! Expect announcements here and inworld as new Christmas highlights are unveiled! And stay tuned for Christmas presents from Santa like we do every year!


If you’ve visited the Expo before, you’ll find a few changes beyond the coming of winter. The Dedication Temple has been moved to it new location, and the Stan Lee Memorial has been moved adjacent to it. A new ice skating rink is being built in the spot where the Temple used to be, and many cozy hang-out spots are being added. And in a week or so, when the snow really starts falling, the Expo Penguins will start showing up. If you’re lucky enough to visit the Expo at night, you’ll see the Northern Lights blazing above us.


Milestone Reached!

The 2018 SciFi Mini Expo has reached it’s first big milestone! We’ve reached

100,000 L$

Thanks to everyone for your tremendous generosity! The overall success of the Expos depends on all of you, of course. We just build it. Without your continued support the Expo would just be an empty sim.

And of course, 100% of the money we raise goes to Relay for Life of Second Life, to help with cancer care, support, and research.

Thank you all!