Final Expo Report – 2018 RFL Season

Pat yourselves on the back! You’re winners!

Team SciFi Expo won two awards at the Closing Ceremony for the 2018 RFL fundraising season. The first is the “Spirit of Relay” award, but more importantly, we also earned the lofty “Sapphire” Club Level award! That signifies we generated more than half a million Linden dollars! The exact numbers were 612,011 L$ (2,447 US$), and that ranks us 16th out of 127 Teams! Way to go people!  🙂




RFL Weekend!

RFL’s big annual Weekend event was filled with music and dancing, shopping and freebies, but most of all, with people supporting American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life of Second Life!

SciFi Expo was there in all their purple glory!


By the end of the weekend, the SciFi Expo Team generated another 12,000L$ for Relay for Life! Yay Team!


Happy Birthday SL!

It’s a giant celebration over at the Second Life Birthday sims, and the SciFi Expo is there!

Visit our booth and help celebrate Second Life’s 15th birthday with parties, shows, games, prizes, and fun!

SL15B SciFi Expo Booth

Check out the SL15B BLOG, and find the SciFi Expo booth inworld HERE.

Tell all your friends and we’ll see you there!


Your Voices Have Been Heard!

The votes are in! We got lots of responses to the post-Expo questionnaire.

It turns out you guys liked the sim layouts and themes, especially the Land of the Giants “tree stump” stage. You liked the DJ’s, shows, movies, and quizzes. The smaller size and denser layout of the Expo was appreciated, as were the number of new and more diverse booths we had this year.

At the top of the list of things you did not enjoy was, of course, the lag. Pretty sure we all guessed that. 🙂 The Milky Way Cabaret was sorely missed. It was suggested we do more 24/7 events, roleplays, and “story”content like Fantasy Faire does. And of course, it was mentioned that the blog was totally under-utilized and ill-maintained, with which I completely agree.

So thank you all. We’ll definitely keep all these things in mind if we decide to do another Expo. 🙂


And Then the Expo Happened…

Well, it’s now a few weeks after the SciFi Expo has actually ended. A few people told me I really dropped the ball on this blog site, and they’re absolutely right. I bit off more than I could chew with the workload I gave myself. 🙂 Next time we’ll have to hire more help, but for now I’ll stay focused on the positives. We really did have a radical, awesome Expo and I think everyone really enjoyed it! You all made it successful beyond my wildest expectations!

The booths were fresh and updated! The entertainments were exciting acts that we’ve never seen at a Con or Expo before! We did miss a few old shows like the Milky Way Cabaret that for personal reasons of their own could not make the Expo, but the new talent filled in the holes admirably!

Most Popular Booth

The ‘Most Popular Booth’ contest was stupendously successful, bringing in more than 150,000L$!!! The winners were:

  1. Star Wars Roleplay
  2. Museum of Nuclear Warfare
  3. Triscalia

Congratulations to them and to everyone for the truly hard work you put in!

Official and Unofficial Totals

“Officially” the SciFi Expo RFL Team brought in 601,217L$. That is a tremendous sum that far exceeded my expectations.

In addition to that, the people up at “The Ritz” ballroom generated more that 100,000L$ of their own. Their kiosks were set to a different Team and so do not officially count towards the Expo total, but the money was made at the Expo and went to the same place. So we also thank them for their tremendous and tireless efforts! In addition, we paid over 250,000L$ to rent the Expo sims for 13 days, and though that money didn’t go to RFL, we raised it! That brings the unofficial total to around 1,000,000 L$!!!

Every single one of you deserves a hearty congratulatory pat on the back!


We had started a new Flickr site for the Expo and a bunch of you joined. I have to tell you, the pictures you guys uploaded are just fantastic! They are so wonderfully artistic and whimsical, they tell the story of the Expo far better than my feeble words here. If you haven’t visited the site, it’s HERE.

Thank You’s

I do need to take just a little space to thank all the people that helped make the Expo the huge success it was. There are literally dozens to list, and I am guaranteed to forget some very important ones, so I will just say THANK YOU to the wonderful people that built the sims, organized the shows, performed the acts, and were my support when I was on the edge of madness. 🙂 Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

So Long and Thanks for the Fish!




3- 2- 1- Blast Off!!!

The SciFi Expo 2018 opened on Saturday to huge crowds of eager fans! There was an unprecedented 70 people gathered to hear the opening speech made by Kirk Wingtips, Merky, Debbydo, and Varahi Lusch, after which Varahi whipped out her katana and sliced through the ceremonial ribbon, coming suspiciously close to Merky’s left ear.

Opening Speech

Welcome to the SciFi Expo 2018!

We are delighted to be here with you today in celebration of science fiction and fantasy and the wonderful creativity in Second Life!

Our main aim for the Expo is to support The American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life of Second Life and help raise money for support programs and services for cancer survivors and caregivers to help in prevention and early detection, and to fund vital cancer research as we move forward toward finding a cure.

Whatever scifi franchise is your favorite, I’m sure you can think of a few actors/actresses who have lost their lives to cancer… DeForest Kelley, Majel Barrett, Richard Hatch, Alan Rickman, Alec Guinness, Wes Craven, Andreas Katsulas, John Hurt, Elisabeth Sladen, Peter Cushing….

So while you travel our four sims enjoying the many brilliant booths and wonderful shows we have to offer, please remember to also donate at the RFL kiosks all around the Expo-grounds.

So without further ado, we hereby declare the SciFi Expo 2018 officially open!

2018 opening

And then the Lightning Strikes tribute band played The Beatles for an hour and we all danced.  🙂

Things to Come

The 2018 SciFi Expo promises to fill the next week with wonderful, magical, spectacular, out-of-this-world shows. You’ll be treated to dances, concerts, live singers, games, contests, cabaret shows, and combat to the death!

In between all that, there are 4 full sims bursting at the seams with shopping! Need a new tribble or lightsaber? You’ll probably find one here somewhere.  🙂

So welcome, everyone, to the SciFi Expo 2018!


Who Is the Fairest of Them All?

The 2018 SciFi Expo brings you something new this year! The “Most Popular Booth” contest! It’s a fun and exciting new way to show your support for your favorite group or store, as well as Relay for Life!

sign_most popular booth instructions

For booth owners, all you have to do to participate is rez the voting kiosk near the front of your booth where people can easily see it, then rally your people to vote as often as they want!

For Expo visitors, all you have to do to vote is find the voting kiosks at the booths you want to vote for and click it. Donate a few L$ to the cause to cast your vote. You can donate as much as you want as often as you want!

The winner will be the booth with the most donations at the end of the Expo! MAY THE BEST BOOTH WIN!

Voting kiosks will be sent out to everyone in the Expo group in the next few days.